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I'm exploring the world to feed an insatiable wanderlust, one city at a time.

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Petite France
Saturday, 10 May 2014, 01:20 ✈

We have moved! Check out our new site at wandersugar.com for our latest updates. :)


Getting to France might cost you a bomb, but what if there was a cheaper alternative allowing you to get a feel of France?

Tucked away in the outskirts of Seoul is Petite France, a french-themed park - or specifically, a Little Prince-themed park. Everything here is styled within the imagined confines of what the Little Prince's world would look like in real life. And I have to say it is very endearing with French cottages (complete with black half timbered lining) which house a number of restaurants, art galleries, and even a marionette puppet theatre. Petite France also offers rooms for the night, if you're looking for a place to stay in the Gapyeong/Chuncheon area.

At the entrance

Stairway to heaven (pardon the hose)

You'll see many Little Prince monuments scattered across the grounds.

A bird's eye view of the shops below
Plenty of hand-painted murals around the park.

Most of the cottages are fully open to public, so you can venture in from top to bottom. What greets you at the top is usually a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.


View from the bell tower - this looks like something out of a painting.. but it's real, raw beauty.

And did I mention, the whole place is decorated with vivid flowers? All of which were in full bloom while we were there.

If you watch Running Man, this outdoor auditorium in the background will ring a bell...

You can also experience al fresco dining with this spectacular view from any of the restaurants in the park. These food establishments are located in the far end of the park, which overlooks the surrounding mountain region and the east end of the Han river. We had brunch at the bistro restaurant, and I had the beef omelette rice - it was not too bad, but the view really completed the meal. And of course, #foodselfie before meals:


Petite France
1063, Hoban-ro, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 가평군 청평면 호반로 1063

Petite France is just a few short kilometres and a 10 minute taxi ride away from the Chuncheon pier, which will be your next pit stop if you're planning an afternoon at Nami Island. The proximity of these two attractions makes it a good idea to pack these two spots into one day's itinerary.

Read my article about Petite France on Ladyironchef: 3 Adventures You Must Experience in Korea

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