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Hi! My name is Cherylene!

I'm an adrenaline junkie - I bungee jump, scuba dive, and hunt for the world's most insane rollercoasters.
I'm exploring the world to feed an insatiable wanderlust, one city at a time.

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The Start of Something Beautiful
Friday, 27 December 2013, 03:05 ✈

This was, really, the start of everything. A couple of colleagues got together and discussed the possibility of heading to Korea. This was February 2013 - it would be spring come April, the proposed window period for the trip. Spring meant flowers, lots of it, and gorgeous views wherever you went, petals dancing in the wind, falling before your eyes, hinting of romance and escape and love. At least, that was how I saw it - the beauty of what I could experience miles away in another land... drove me to stick through with the plans til the end. And in the end, only a handful of us made the trip. But boy.. was it worth it for me.

I hadn't travelled since I was 8, and when I had travelled (with my family) it was to nearby Malaysia, and I don't have much recollection of any of those trips. But here, in another land, in a different, colder climate, where the people speak a language I can only barely manage to understand, I felt free.

I don't mean not having to worry about work or bills or any other everyday stresses. Rather, it was a strange freedom of being granted infinite possibilities. Possibilities to go beyond my little box, and to explore beyond what I already knew! To see the world and everything it could offer!

It was on this trip that I discovered the meaning of wanderlust, to deeply desire to roam and venture and see everything the world had to offer. I encountered so many beautiful places, met wonderful people, tasted delicious foods. 

On this blog I will be sharing posts about my travels this year, hotel reviews, food and activity recommendations, and more. And of course, more posts on future trips (fingers crossed!) But more importantly I hope it spurs in you, the reader, the motivation to get up and go, to drop your first dollar in your 'Travel Fund' piggy bank, to start investing in an adventure.

And I urge you to do it. To explore, to learn, to have an adventure.

To find yourself.

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